home2Earlier this week, we discussed the benefits of becoming location independent – that is, being able to work on your business and keep your financial life up regardless of where you may be, and regardless of what it is you might be doing in terms of travel and more. Location independence is crucial, after all – but how do you get there in the first place?

The best way to become location independent is through an online business – that is, something that you can run from truly anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter what it is (though it does in a way – more on that later!), what really matters is that you have the freedom to completely run a business online without needing to worry about brick and mortar staffing and your own brick and mortar commitment in a variety of ways.

There are, of course, a few challenges to starting and running your own online business – namely building the trust and having to deal with issues related to gaining customers and page views to ensure that you can become financially independent enough to be location independent in the first place!

Building the trust in the process of gaining customers in an online business

When it comes to business online, it can seem difficult to build a consistent customer base. Where do they come from? How do you find and keep them? Marketing online is similar to marketing in the brick and mortar world, and it comes down to attracting customers to your websites through a variety of methods and means like social media, viral marketing, integrated marketing communications, and more.

Trusting your business to run while you are independent and traveling

That’s the best part of being location independent – but it can also be the most stressful if you don’t have a high quality and trusted turnkey system in place. Here, it’s important to start an online business that has solid systems in place so you can outsource much of the work so your business runs while you’re enjoying your travels around the world. You need not worry about what happens in your business while you’re gone if you design your business the right way from the very beginning (this is much easier said than done) – with the best, you can rest assured that it will continue working and provide for you a great income, even while you are jet setting and traveling the world as a location independent online business owner!

All in all, it’s certainly a huge challenge to get the most out of an online business – and it only gets tougher if you truly want to be location independent and you strive to work toward that goal each and every day. Starting an online business isn’t as easy as 1,2,3, but with the right mentors and a solid business building system, you can have a great online business up and running in as little as 90 days. But finding that system and mentors is hard work!

But don’t fret! We’ve put together a 90 day online business building challenge that will lay out how to build your business the right way step-by-step, and the Live the Dream Challenge will connect you with mentors who can help you every step of the way. With this process, in fact, we can take you and show you just how to build a successful and worthwhile online business that can provide for you great income while you are jet setting about and living the life you’ve always imagined! What are you waiting for? Join the challenge now at


How to be More Successful and Travel The World

location independentLocation independence as an idea may be new or completely foreign to you, but for many people, it’s a concept long sought after and long worked hard for in order to fully achieve. Location independence, as you might guess, is the ability to be independent enough in your work and finances that you can work and make money from anywhere in the world – you have the independence to choose your location and still lead the financial and logistical life of which you’ve dreamed.

Now don’t kid yourself – not everybody can follow up with location independence dreams and turn them into a reality, and not everybody knows exactly how to achieve those goals. Fortunately, though, location independence for those who achieve it tends to make them far more successful since they have the freedom to make money from anywhere in the world, which allows many thousands of people all over the world to literally live the dream as they have set it for themselves.

The benefits of location independence are many, including:

  • The ability to work wherever you want, whenever you want, and live the dream with no set time schedule or hours that you must keep working for a boss or a business
  • The ability to set your own hours; if you feel like working three hours one day, none the next, and eight the day after that, you can do so with the independence of knowing you are your own boss
  • The ability to see the entire world! Those who have location independence can travel as they please without worrying about sick days, vacation days, and other things
  • The ability to be your own boss. You no longer need to worry about reporting to others or dealing with other people in any sort of way, as you’ll be your own boss, and doing your own thing.

Location independence is quickly catching on as a hot topic and hot idea in the business world, simply because the world is literally getting smaller. Travel is becoming easier. People are traveling around the world much more quickly, and for much less money relative to the past.

For that reason, then, it’s critical to understand that countless people are desiring to have location independence and the ability to live the dream and live where they wish and on their own terms. Whether you want to live in an exotic city or travel the world, never venturing into one place for more than a few weeks’ time, you can get the most out of your life and your living situation by living the dream through location independence.

As you look for options when it comes to location independence, remember just how beneficial it can be to your life, depending on your goals. No matter what you are looking for, after all, having the freedom to keep your location independent and your options open can give you a great opportunity when it comes to getting the most out of your life – and your business!

Ready to explore your location independent dreams? We are hosting a 90 day online business building challenge, Live the Dream, to show you the exact blueprint to follow to build a successful location independent business. Don’t wait another second to start living the life of your dreams, join the Live the Dream Challenge today >>>

Hacking First Class Travel

Hacking first class travel: 4 tips for flying first class on the cheap

As a military brat that went on active duty, I’ve done a lot of traveling. And while some of it was flying “Space A” or sitting in a jump seat, I’ve developed a real love of travel and flying First Class. Here are five tips for flying first class on the cheap!

  1. Earn the upgrade: Save and redeem your frequent flyer miles. If you are a regular traveler, this is kind of a “no-brainer.” However, if you are doing a lot of business travel, and your company doesn’t purchase your tickets for you in advance, save those miles on your card. They add up to first class travel during your vacation. Also, check with your friends that don’t fly oftern. Chances are they may have miles that they can “donate” to you

  2. Check In Online at your earliest possible opportunity, exactly 24 hours before you are schedule to leave. Often times, when a flight is not full, airlines will permit cheap upgrades at this time, so check-in as early as you can!

  3. Do the gate attendants look nervous? This is a good time to see if the flight is overbooked. If it is and you can afford the time, ask about delaying your travel in lieu of first class seating.

  4. Finally, if you do travel frequently, become a member of your favorite airline’s Elite Frequent Flyer program. Pay the two dollars now can save thousands later in upgraded travel later..

Safe travels!

Deanna WharwoodDeanna Wharwood is known as The Veterans’ Coach because she helps veterans and their families transition from military life to their dream life. You can find out more at