Top 7 Tips on obtaining and enjoying the very best foods from around the the world when traveling

Drinks by the Beach. Yea!

Drinks by the Beach. Yea!

7. Take a Cruise with multiple stops at ports

You get the best of two worlds by doing this kind of traveling. Not only can cruise ships have some of the best foods you already enjoy but when you stop at multiple international ports you have the ability to expose yourself to some really great local eats surrounding each port.

6. A week before you travel, recreate the foods in your kitchen

Did you know it takes 7 times before a child can be able to fully determine if they like or don’t like a certain food? The same can pretty much apply to adults. Before you head out on a big international adventure familiarize yourself with some of the foods that are local to the area. Make a few meals at home and feel out the ones you really like and want to try once you reach your travel destination.

5. Learn to say “no thanks” to certain foods

One time we were watching a special on the cuisine of Southern Korea and let’s just say we almost vomited from just watching this particular special. The food, we quickly determined, simply wasn’t for us. We know it’s suppose to be rude to turn down food that is suggested or given to you, especially when in someones house, but it’s okay to have a limit and not budge. We, for example, don’t eat pork, so we won’t be shifting gears on that stance anytime soon. If you really don’t feel comfortable turning down food from hosts but want a way out, just say you have dietary restrictions or that you are allergic. FoodieFriday

While you may not get sick and vomit all over your hotel room expect your stomach to turn a little sideways when eating foods made from around the world. It’s just going to happen eventually when you consume foreign food you normally don’t eat on a regular basis. If you don’t end up getting even a little sick at all, that’s okay too.

3. Indulge yourself…but not too much

This advice is a great way to avoid the results of not paying attention to tip #4. Don’t get us wrong, you want to enjoy all the best foods you can but don’t over do it. Not to sound like food critics but allow yourself the ability savior every bite and take a moment to enjoy the particular foods unique taste, texture and smells. Also, by indulging a little less you give yourself the ability to try a wider range of foods without feeling like crap later.

Whether at the bar or the dinner table don't over indulge.

Whether at the bar or the dinner table don’t over indulge.

2. Remember that service is different everywhere

Here’s a funny story: when we were in Murcia, Spain, we would go to a few local neighbor pubs and restaurants every so often to experience the area or have a joyful evening. After placing our initial order of drinks or food with the waiter or waitress they would never return back our table again. If we wanted another drink or more food we had to find the waiter or get up to order it ourselves. Those experiences taught us service is different across the globe. Make little adjustments and you will be more likely to always enjoy your food.

1. Ask for the local dish

Okay, so you will definitely look and sound like an American when you ask for the local dish but it works. If you are at a restaurant or pub, instead of choosing the same ol’ American hamburger ask the server what the favorite local dishes are and choose one or two. Many of our favorite meals were discovered by simply asking what the locals eat. Plus, it’s a great way to be spontaneous and add to the wonderfulness that is international travel.

Dinner is served...differently

Dinner is served…differently

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