Hacking First Class Travel

Hacking first class travel: 4 tips for flying first class on the cheap

As a military brat that went on active duty, I’ve done a lot of traveling. And while some of it was flying “Space A” or sitting in a jump seat, I’ve developed a real love of travel and flying First Class. Here are five tips for flying first class on the cheap!

  1. Earn the upgrade: Save and redeem your frequent flyer miles. If you are a regular traveler, this is kind of a “no-brainer.” However, if you are doing a lot of business travel, and your company doesn’t purchase your tickets for you in advance, save those miles on your card. They add up to first class travel during your vacation. Also, check with your friends that don’t fly oftern. Chances are they may have miles that they can “donate” to you

  2. Check In Online at your earliest possible opportunity, exactly 24 hours before you are schedule to leave. Often times, when a flight is not full, airlines will permit cheap upgrades at this time, so check-in as early as you can!

  3. Do the gate attendants look nervous? This is a good time to see if the flight is overbooked. If it is and you can afford the time, ask about delaying your travel in lieu of first class seating.

  4. Finally, if you do travel frequently, become a member of your favorite airline’s Elite Frequent Flyer program. Pay the two dollars now can save thousands later in upgraded travel later..

Safe travels!

Deanna WharwoodDeanna Wharwood is known as The Veterans’ Coach because she helps veterans and their families transition from military life to their dream life. You can find out more at http://deannawharwood.com/blog

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