The Atlantic ocean looks truly amazing from every angel of a cruise ship.

Swim & Staci’s Spanish Adventure: Let’s Take a Cruise!

12 Days on a cruise ship? All the way from Florida to Spain? No land for days? With the same person?

Would this turn into a disaster or the time of our lives?

In part one of Swim & Staci’s Spanish Adventure, our plane from Kansas to Fort Lauderdale had been greatly delayed, and we were wondering if we would make it to Florida in time to board our cruise ship. Read on to find out what happened next.

Sitting helplessly on the plane watching the minutes tick away, we couldn’t help but wonder if our flight was going to make it to Florida in time to board the ship. The cruise we were trying to catch was a 12 day transatlantic repositioning cruise that was headed to Barcelona, Spain. This was our planned transportation to Spain for our 2 month Spanish adventure, so if we missed the ship our entire plans would blow up in our face.

We just sat in our seat hoping and praying that the captain would fly higher and faster so we could make it to Florida in time.

Our prayers were answered because we touched down in Florida at 2:30pm and we didn’t have to be at the dock until 4:00pm. So we loaded up our gear and headed to the dock.

Our transatlantic cruise was our first cruise experience ever. (To be totally transparent, Staci took a family cruise when she was 9, but cruising has definitely changed over the last 16 years.) We chose to travel on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship named Liberty of the Seas to take us on this overseas journey to Spain.

How did we decide on Royal Caribbean? Price and timing. They were overall cheapest and where one of the shorter transatlantic cruises. Since this was our first cruise, we thought that 14 or 15 days might be a little too long for us.

Honestly, we weren’t sure if we were going to like cruising and it was a HUGE leap of faith for us to decide to commit to 12 days on a boat.

Since cruising isn’t really a popular transportation option, most of us are more likely to take a plane if we where looking to travel overseas or use a car if traveling within our own country, so taking a cruise can seem out of place. Even though the journey from America to Europe took 12 days, we should note that EVERYTHING but alcohol was included – food, entertainment, room service, maid service.

We paid a little over $600 per person (that included gratuities) for an ocean view room and all the delicious food we could eat.  $600 is less than the price of most one-way flights and a flight wouldn’t include any of the fun stuff we got to do on board, so we feel like we got a great deal. But was it worth it?

Take a look at the pictures below of our cruise experience to find out if our 12 day repositioning cruise was a disaster or the time of our lives.

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