Discouraged because you don’t travel as much as you want to? Read this.

Is this your picture-perfect vision of travel?

Is this your picture-perfect vision of travel?

Do you have big travel dreams of visiting every country in the world? Or maybe your travel bucket list is filled with exotic destinations or once in a lifetime experiences.

Take a second to ponder this question: Are your big travel ambitions keeping you from traveling?

It might sound crazy, but think about it for a second. If all your travel dreams are big, huge, expensive undertakings, and you’re not yet in a position in your life to have the time or money to go on an around the world cruise on a private yacht, wouldn’t it make sense that you’re not traveling because of the nature of your travel dreams?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t dream big with what you want to achieve in terms of world travel. It’s great to have big, huge travel dreams. Mine is to visit every aquarium in the world. But having only bucket-list worthy travel ambitions can also hinder you from achieving ANY travel goals, let alone your crazy, “only 10 people in the world have ever done it” type travel goals.

Why are your big travel dreams holding you back and what can you do do overcome the challenge?

It all comes down to great expectations and perfectionism. Hollywood has taught us that travel is a chic, luxurious, stress-free time in our lives where we can magically be transformed into a starlet as we stroll through old castles and antique shop in ancient bazaars. If we listen to movies and tv, travel is when we take our private jet to Paris and snack on bon bons under the Eiffel Tower.

In fact, I have a friend who is traveling through Europe right now and she’s making all of the required tourists stops as she makes her way through Europe. She’s posting fabulous pictures on Instagram everyday that would make any traveler green with envy. She also happens to make well over half a million dollars every year so she can afford such luxuries.

But what about the rest of us? Are we relegated to living vicariously through the Instagram feeds of the rich and famous until we can finally scrimp and save for a perfect luxury trip of our own so we can finally check off 1 of our many, many travel goals?


A big, fat absolute no. For the rest of us who aren’t millionaires, but who still want to travel and see the world, we need to travel on our own terms and on our own budget. Forget about the idea that before you can travel you need to be able to do it perfectly like they show in the movies.

We certainly do not make a lot of money, but we’ve created a life of travel that allows us to explore and experience the world while taking Instagram-worthy photos that would make many travelers green with envy. Our secret? Our travels aren’t perfect and they aren’t filled with luxury. But our travels are real and we get to experience the culture and the people – and we’d take that over a private jet any day. (Unless you’re going to let us borrow yours…for free. Then we’d take the private jet.)

Before you get down on yourself for not traveling around the world, watch this quick video we made for you in Murcia, Spain…we think you’ll enjoy it:

Click HERE to see how easily you can escape the daily grind and start traveling the world.

What about you? Share your thoughts about why you haven’t traveled or why you think others don’t travel.

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