Travel Tip: Should You Travel If You Don’t Speak The Native Language? [No Excuses Month]

Do you want to travel to exotic destinations and experience new and exciting cultures…but you only speak English? If you only speak one language, that should not be a barrier to travelling the world like you have always dreamed.

During our latest trip to Portugal and Spain, we experienced first hand how you can travel even if you don’t speak the native language. Watch the video we made just for you from Cadiz, Spain…

If you want to travel, but don’t speak the language, our travel tip is to learn the basic phrases of the language where you want to travel. Then learn the language during your travels. Don’t feel like you need to be an expert in the language BEFORE you travel…that’s just an excuse not to travel.

While we’ve been in San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain, we have been practicing our Spanish every chance we get, while learning the language through several iPhone apps we’ve downloaded. We have learned more Spanish in our 3 weeks in Spain than we ever did during Spanish classes in middle school and high school. And now, we FINALLY understand the locals which is a pretty amazing feeling.

Stretch your comfort zone and travel to a non-English speaking country and work hard to learn the language while you’re there. Expand your knowledge through travel!

What are YOUR tips for traveling if you don’t speak the native language? Share your advice in the comments below.

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