No Excuses Month: How to get the most bang for your travel buck

Hopkins, Belize at sunset.

When I wake up to this beautiful sunset, the first thing I think about is…the exchange rate of the dollar???

You know you have become an adult when you wake up in the morning and one of the first things you think about is how the dollar is performing against other forms of currency around the world.

I don’t get excited because of currency investments I’ve made. No, I get excited because when the dollar is strong, I know I can get more bang for my buck when I travel.

USD ->Euro .60 bad
USD ->Euro .70 better
USD ->Euro .85 I’ll take it.

Why all the talk about the strength of the dollar? Because that leads us into our travel tip for Day 5 of No Excuses Month. All this week, we’ve been talking about how to get over the excuse that travel is too expensive or that you just can’t afford to travel, so we wanted to share a quick tip today about how to stretch your travel dollar as far as possible.

Travel Tip: Travel where the dollar (or your local currency) is strong. 

We won’t talk about this tip too much because it’s pretty self explanatory, but the gist is, when you travel where your currency can buy more than the local currency, then you can have a higher standard of living for the same price you would pay back home. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

If you’re like us, and you live in a Western country, more than likely you will find that other Western countries have currencies of similar value to your own. So where are good travel locations where your dollar is going to stretch the furthest? Come back tomorrow for Day 6 of No Excuses Month to find out the best resource for determining where your dollar can get you the most during your travels.


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Mo money, mo problems. No money, big problems.

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