No Excuses Month: “I Can’t Afford to Travel”

Travel Excuse #2 “I can’t afford to travel”

Sunset in Spain.

Sunset in Spain.

The sunset in Southern Spain is breathtakingly beautiful.

As the sun sets over our apartment, I sit on our balcony eating a freshly made baguette. While I stare at the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, all I can think about is “how did we get to Spain on OUR budget”?

It was, in fact, only 1 year ago Staci and I were paying:
$1,300 a month on rent,
$300 on food
$100 on entertainment and
$400 a month for our car payment and insurance.

And by the end of the month, we were BROKE.

But sadly, even though we were spending a lot of money every month, our happiness level did not seem to rise to the same level as our spending. Our luxury apartment, new car and nights out on the town in Seattle were falling short of making us truly happy.

We yearned for a change…we yearned for travel!

So how did we go from spending $2000 per month and being broke & unhappy to living on half that amount and being able to travel the world and follow our dreams?

As we sip tea from our mini cups and watch the calm waves of the Mediteranean, it’s so clear to us now:If you travel right, it’s LESS expensive to travel overseas than it is to live back in the states.In fact, it can cost up to 50% less to live overseas than it costs to live back in the States.

You know what else is clear? You too can afford to live a location independent lifestyle!

Curious about how much we spend each month in Spain?
Here are the simple numbers:
Rent: $515 USD for a two bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor with our own private roof top deck and all utilities included
Food: $150
Car: $0

Isn’t that amazing?
To go from $2,000 a month to less than $800 a month to live in Spain!?

Now we want you to look at your monthly budget.
Do you spend $1,000 a month on rent?
Be bold, travel the world$500 on car payments and insurance?
$200 on entertainment?
$400 on food?

We didn’t think we could afford to live the travel lifestyle just one short year ago, but now we know better. And now that you know how cheap it is to live the travel lifestyle, you’re at a crossroads – will you choose to keep living the status quo or will you make the bold choice to start living the life you really want…a life of travel and adventure?

Would you rather spend $2,000 plus every month living a mundane day-to-day life or would you rather eat baguettes and sip coffee in Spain, Thailand or Belize for under $1,000 for an entire month?


Tomorrow, on Day 3, we share with you the one money excuse that we still fear when traveling the world. And no it’s not getting pick pocketed or falling for a Western Union scam. You will not want to miss out on Day 3 of “No Excuses Month” because your extended travel lifestyle depends on overcoming this money fear. Also check out the introduction of No Excuses Month and our answer to the excuse “It’s too expensive to travel” to really get your travel gears turning.

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