No Excuses Month: Money

“I want to travel, but it’s just too expensive.”

Have you ever said this?

If you dream of traveling, but you’re not sitting at a sidewalk cafe in your dream city, then more than likely MONEY has been a reason for why you’re not traveling.

You’ve probably convinced yourself that travel is just too expensive. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself that when you make a little more money then you’ll travel. Whatever the reason, the underlying “excuse” is MONEY.

All this week during No Excuses Month, we’re going to share the surprising truth about money and travel…starting with how affordable travel really is.

Click PLAY to discover how cheap it is to travel:

Don’t miss the rest of Money Week to discover how you can stop making money your excuse for why you’re not traveling. Join the challenge: Enter your name & email to get daily challenge reminders…

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