Swim & Staci’s Spanish Adventure: Part 1 – Road trip time!

Are you living the travel dream? If you’re not yet there, let us inspire you to start your adventures sooner rather than later. Remember, “someday” will never get here unless you take action and make your dreams happen today.

To inspire your travel dreams, the Beyond the Diploma duo is off to Spain and we’re sharing our adventures along the way. Our journey started on April 1 and will end on June 13 when we return to our new home in Washington, D.C. (remember, you voted for it during our HELP! Where should Swim & Staci live next? contest.) During our travels, we’ll be flying, sailing and taking trains to get us to our final destination in San Pedro, Murcia, Spain – are you ready to join us?

Before Swim & I left for our 12 day transatlantic cruise to Barcelona, Spain, we first took a day road trip to Kansas to visit my family before we left. As is the norm with us, our trip was filled with excitement, adventure and, of course, ice cream! Oh, and thanks to icy conditions we almost missed our flight to Fort Lauderdale to catch our ship!!!

Enjoy our travel memories and be sure to comment below with your ultimate travel dream.

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