March Travel Madness: Elite Eight Top Travel Destinations

top travel destinations - March Travel Madness

What is March Travel Madness?

March Travel Madness is where YOU decide the top travel destination in the world. As we pit city against city and country against country, you decide which destinations make it to the next round by voting for your favorites. The travel destinations battle it out, but only YOU decide the winner.

Forget about NCAA basketball, this is the ONLY tournament bracket you need to follow during March Madness (unless you really, really like college basketball, then in that case you can follow both, I suppose. But ours is still better!)

Now, without further adieu, welcome to…

Week 2 of March Travel Madness!

During week 1 of  March Travel Madness, your votes narrowed down the original 32 cities and countries around the world to just 16. For week 2, your vote will help dwindle the Sweet 16 down to the Elite 8 travel destinations. There are some Cinderella story destinations that made it to round 2, but do they have the staying power to make it to the Elite 8? Only YOUR vote can decide.

Vote now for the 8 cities you think should be in the Elite 8 for the top travel destinations in the world:

Don’t miss out on your chance to vote for the Top Travel Destination in the World, enter your email below for updates on new rounds and to be the first to find out which destination makes it to the top spot in the March Travel Madness tournament…

At the end of the week (Sunday, March 31) we will tally up the votes. The top 8 cities/ countries will advance to the next round where they will be pitted against each other to battle it out to determine which city/country  is the Top Travel Destination in the world.

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