Kristen Stewart at Oscars with runny makeup

Travel In Style: Your guide to not looking as strung out and disheveled as Kristin Stewart at the Oscars

Kristen Stewart hot mess at Oscars 2013On one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and classy evenings, Kristen Stewart – star of the Twilight series – was anything but glamorous. With her bedhead hair and glazed-over eyes, let’s face it, she looked like a hot mess. Even with a style team of Hollywood’s finest, she couldn’t manage to pull together a red carpet worthy look.

Now, you’re probably wondering what Kristen Stewart’s hot mess of a look has to do with traveling. Well, when you’re travelling the world, it’s easy to look unkempt, especially if you’ve been living out of a suitcase and catching red-eye flights.

Whether you’re going on a romantic weekend getaway or a 3 month trip to a developing country to help dig a new well, you want to look and feel your best during your travels. While you might not have a million-dollar style team to help you look your best while traveling, you DO have us to give you this step-by-step guide on how to Travel In Style – think of us as your personal Stacy & Clinton.

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How to Travel In Style

Kristen Stewart oscars tweetStep 1. Wash your hair

One of the first things people noticed about Kristen Stewart’s disheveled look was that her hair was greasy with a bedhead style, but not in a good way. A great bedhead hairstyle is perfect for traveling, but not if your hair hasn’t been washed in 2 weeks and you haven’t even thought of using a brush in your adult life.

If you want the perfect bedhead look for traveling, first wash your hair whenever you can get access to clean-ish water…at least once a week. If there’s no water to be found, at least bring some dry shampoo with you. And be sure to brush your hair once a day. If you really want to go all out and travel in style, work in some styling products like Moroccan Oil for shine or a light hold hairspray to keep your style in place.

Travel In Style Tip: And if you don’t want to style your hair or you just don’t have the time, throw your hair into the perfect fishtail braid for a look that says, “I’m a sexy, cosmopolitan woman who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty digging a well for kids in Haiti…and I have my shit together more than a movie star.”

Kristen Stewart looks strung out at Oscar's tweetStep 2. Don’t forget the eye cream and eye drops

You’ve been up all night waiting for your flight, then the kid in the seat behind you wouldn’t stop kicking your seat, and every time you managed to fall asleep the flight attendant stopped by to ask you if you wanted another beverage. By the time your flight landed, your eyes were redder and more puffy than Kristen Stewart’s at the Oscars.

Travel In Style Tip: Nothing says, “I’ve arrived” any less than looking strung out. So for your next flight, combat the druggy eyes with this perfect eye routine. Pre- and mid-flight apply an eye cream with caffeine to the orbitals of your eyes to help the swelling and puffiness, then drop 1 or 2 drops of eye drops to each eye to help with the redness.

Kristen Stewart at Oscars with runny makeupStep 3. Touch up your makeup

Makeup isn’t appropriate to wear to all your travel destinations, but when you’ve chosen to wear makeup while traveling at least make sure it’s not running down your face. Throughout the day, check your makeup when you can and touch it up if it appears to have slid down your face.

Area to check for the most…your undereyes. For some reason, the makeup under the eyes just doesn’t like to stay in place, just ask poor Kristen Stewart whose eye makeup had slid down to her cheeks mid-Oscars.

Travel In Style Tip: Carry a translucent powder in your travel bag so you can dust it on your visage throughout the day to soak up any oil so you’re left with a face of an angel.

Kristen Stewart disinterested at OscarsStep 4. Enjoy your travel experience…or at least pretend to

You’ve worked hard to achieve your travel dream. Maybe you gave birth to a Vampire’s baby in order to score those round trip tickets to Transylvania (which, actually is a pretty great place to visit by the way). Or perhaps you defeated an entire army headed by an evil queen so you could spend a month on the coast of Spain enjoying the perfect Mediterranean weather. Whatever heroic feat you had to accomplish in order to have your dream travel experience, good god, at least PRETEND like you’re enjoying yourself.

Being a sourpuss traveler is the antithesis of being a stylish traveler. Traveling in style means having class. And classy people don’t spend their time looking down on others and pretending to be too cool for school. If you’re complaining about every little thing during your trip or making sour faces at anything culturally different, you will be the single most annoying traveler on the planet. Stop being angsty – that got old in 11th grade – and start enjoying yourself.

Travel In Style Tip: We suggest smiling.

Kristen Stewart is probably a very nice woman, but she certainly did not put her best foot (no pun intended) forward at the Oscars. And for that she paid a heavy price by being the butt of almost every Oscar joke on the internet. Learn from Kristen’s epic fail and follow these 4 steps to traveling in style so you don’t look as strung out and disheveled as Kristen Stewart did at the Oscars while you’re traveling around the world.

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