Are you making these 3 common travel mistakes most entrepreneurs make?

If you’re anything like us:

  • You’ve spent years building a business that would allow you to be location independent and work from anywhere.
  • You’ve put in long hours reworking your website, creating products, finding customers and updating your Facebook page all while dreaming about working from the beach or a cafe in Europe.
  • You’ve created a vision board with all of the exotic international destinations you would like to travel to someday.

I just want to travelYou started your business with the dream of traveling the world and becoming location independent, but along the way that dream was lost somewhere between creating your next product launch and tracking down payment from clients. We totally get it.

In fact, we were just like you. After reading the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, we got excited about the idea of being location independent entrepreneurs who could travel the world while running our business. After building up an online business, we found ourselves still stuck in the same place with the same dreams of traveling the world. Almost a year after reading the 4 Hour Workweek we still hadn’t started travelling!

Why hadn’t we started traveling yet?

Much like you, we had created a steady income that we could produce from anywhere in the world, but we were still stuck in Seattle. Why? Because we were making 3 mistakes that prevented us from living our travel dreams. These are the same mistakes that most entrepreneurs who dream of being location independent are making.

They are so common that we would be willing to bet $500 you are making at least 1 of these mistakes if you aren’t already traveling and living your location-independent dreams.

But there’s hope! We were making ALL THREE of these mistakes, but after we realized our travel mistakes we quickly started fixing them. And within 4 months we were sitting on the beach in Belize for 6 whole weeks!

What are the 3 travel mistakes?

We’re glad you asked! Throughout the month of February, we’ll be revealing the 3 common travel mistakes you’re making that are holding you back from traveling to the beach or blogging from a cafe in Paris. And we’ll uncover exactly how you can stop making these mistakes and start traveling in 6 months or less.

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This webinar is for you if:

  • You are an online entrepreneur
  • You dream of traveling the world for 3 weeks or longer at a time
  • Your business makes at least $1,500 per month
  • Your number one goal (or New Year’s Resolution) is to travel in 2013 and you’d do anything to make that dream a reality

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