Affordable Paris Short Term Apartments that will make you want to hop on the next flight to Paris

Shangri La Hotel in Paris

Shangri La Hotel in Paris

You wouldn’t believe how many times we hear people say they want to travel to Paris. Over 20 people told us they wanted to visit Paris this year…in just one day! We posted this picture of the Shangri La Hotel on our Facebook page and we got an outstanding response from fans that they too want to visit Paris.

The catch? This hotel runs about 850 Euros PER NIGHT! Now, we’re not saying that we would never spend that much money on a great hotel. In fact, if we had the money and were celebrating a special occasion there’s no doubt that we would drop 850 Euros on a hotel. Especially a hotel in Paris with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. But we WOULDN’T spend that much money on accommodations during one of our longer-term stays around the world…that’s just crazy talk.

So what can you do if you want the grandeur of Paris, but without the high price tag of a luxury hotel? Simple. Rent a short term apartment for some or all of your stay in Paris. These apartments aren’t cheap, but they are affordable if you’ve done a good job of planning your budget for your Parisian vacation. And they will give you the feeling that you’re a movie star staying in the City of Lights without a care in the world; which is why people vacation in Paris…for the romance of this amazing city.

To help you get started planning your Parisian get a way, we’ve tracked down our 5 favorite  short-term apartments within close proximity to the Eiffel Tower. With prices ranging from $112/night to $304/night, these short term apartments are a great alternative to an expensive hotel for a week-long or shorter vacation in the heart of Paris.

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Affordable Short Term Apartments in Paris:

Click any picture to open the gallery and view a larger photo and more information about each apartment.

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Book these apartments at:

1. Invalides Studio

2. Studio Trocadero

3. Seine Apartment

4. Luxury Paris Duplex

5. Champ de Mars Paris Aparment

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