Travel Tips: How to travel cheap

What? You mean this ONE TIP could have saved me thousands of dollars on my last vacation?!?!

What? You mean this ONE TIP could have saved me thousands of dollars on my last vacation?!?!

So you want to learn how to travel cheap? Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to teach you the one tip that you need to travel the world…cheap!

You’ve always had a desire to travel, but you believe the cost is just too much. Between flights, hotels, food costs, entertainment and transportation the cost can sky rocket before you even pick a destination. It’s true; the cost can be high, but travel doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you may be surprised by just how cheap it can be to travel the world. By using this one travel tip, you can save thousands of dollars on your next trip! (And no, it’s not another travel hack you have to master.)

By implementing this one travel tip, you will quickly become a cheap-travel pro and will soon be travelling the world as much as you want. Once we learned how to travel cheap, all of our fears of not being able to afford to travel internationally quickly disappeared. Within 3 months of deciding we wanted to travel, we left Seattle and headed to Belize for 2 months all by implementing this travel tip. And guess what? YOU can travel too!

Travel isn’t just for the rich. You can have the time of your life as a world traveler and not have to have a trust fund or a million dollar bank account. In fact, you can spend very little money and visit the wonders of the world you have always wanted to experience. The hard part? Deciding where to travel to first.

You only need one piece of advice to travel the world for cheap….travel like a local. Searching the web for travel deals and specials wastes your time and is way too frustrating of a way to travel the world. So stop wasting your time and start traveling.

See how easily you can travel the world for $1500 or less per month at

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13 thoughts on “Travel Tips: How to travel cheap

  1. Catherine Steele says:

    If you really want to get the most of your travel savings, there is another alternative. Discount travel sites are often part of a vacation club. The sites are run by individuals as separate businesses, but they are all a part of the larger club. Sales of the club’s packages and products are rewarded with greater income for the site’s proprietors. There are clubs that advertise up to 75 percent savings on vacation packages for their members. Haven’t really tried it, but I read about once in a Travel Republic review.

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