And the winner is….


After a month of grueling battles between several cities, the votes have been tallied and a clear winner has been decided in our “Help! Where should we live next?” contest.

About the contest:

We’ve been living in Seattle for a little over 2 years, and we’ve really enjoyed it…most of the time. We’ve met amazing fellow entrepreneurs, many great friends, enjoyed the special quirks about this city and Staci has drank more coffee in these 2 years than any one person should drink in her whole life. We decided to move to Seattle on a whim after taking an online quiz that said we would probably like the area. And two weeks later we had packed our things and road-tripped from North Carolina to Seattle. We’re glad we did! But our time here has come to an end and we were baffled on where we should move next.

Like any normal, adventurous person would do, we held a contest that asked YOU to help us decide where we should move next.

We started with 18 nominations for different cities around the country where you, our readers, think we should move next. Those 18 cities were narrowed down to our top 5 picks and we asked readers to vote on which top 5 city we should move to. Over the course of a week dozens of votes were tallied and twitter & Facebook battles broke out as people debated their choice. It was a contentious battle from start to finish, but we are excited to officially announce the winner!

Click PLAY to find out which city we will be moving to next! (You’ll also find out who won the delicious Belizean hot sauce we were giving away as a thank you for voting. Are YOU the winner?)

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