Travel Tips: Speak English? Start traveling to these countries first.

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If you are planning your first travel adventure outside the United States you probably have many questions and concerns. One of the biggest concerns we hear from would-be-travelers is that they only speak one language, so they are afraid to travel internationally, except to tourist locations that have English-speaking staff. This concern brings us to one of our favorite travel tips that we recommend for first time travelers: Travel to a country or region of the world where English is heavily spoken. There are more English-speaking countries than just Great Britain and Canada, so your options are very diverse.

Why do we recommend going with the “safe” choice of traveling to English-speaking countries first? In order to fully enjoy and appreciate travel, it’s imperative to have a positive experience during your first international trip. Traveling to an English-speaking country makes it easier to order food, catch a taxi and read any material that can make traveling easier, safer and more fun. So, by visiting English-speaking countries during your first few international travel adventures, your travels will be more enjoyable, and you will limit the amount of stress or confusion that may come with being overseas.

By visiting English-speaking countries first you will be able to ask questions in a language you understand which will help you quickly get the hang of navigating the nuances of foreign travel – like dealing with customs or public transportation. After figuring out the basics of international travel, you will grow to become a more comfortable, confident international jetsetter, while feeling secure in your abilities to travel in countries where you don’t fluently speak the language. And before you know it, you will be an expert traveler in non-English-speaking countries.

We can’t stress this enough: The more comfortable and confident you feel outside your normal environment the easier it will be to travel to any part of the world you desire.

We stress English-speaking countries over tourist destinations that speak English because we encourage you to have an authentic, non-tourist travel experience. If you are traveling to a country that already has a large English-speaking population, you can avoid touristy areas and focus on having a true travel experience – not just a vacation – since you can visit any part of the country and still feel comfortable with your language skills.

Welcome to Belize

Countries with an English-speaking population of 70% or more, such as Australia,  Belize, The Cayman Islands, Denmark, Dominica, Philippines, and Singapore, are great places to start your travel lifestyle. Plus you always have Canada to the North and Mexico to the South to rely on for great travel destinations for your first international trip.

Traveling to English-speaking countries is a great first start, but travel tip number two is: We encourage you to be willing to learn and pick up new languages along the way. It will make your travels that much more exciting.


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11 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Speak English? Start traveling to these countries first.

  1. melissajplum says:

    I lived in Germany for three years. While I was wanting to learn German, when people found out I was American, they wanted to practice their English with me! I lived in Frankfurt and I loved it!!

  2. Swim says:

    Germany, wow! That’s funny how you think you’re going to learn a language in a new environment and you end up becoming the teacher. Frankfurt is definitely on our five years or less list of places to visit. could you give me some advice and insight of Germany when the time comes?

  3. Sheridan Philipp says:

    I have been to a total of 17 or maybe 19 countries thus far in my 22 years of living! Traveling is the only real way to learn. I don’t plan to stop! From Russia to Italy I have learned a lot!

  4. John Thomas says:

    Selecting an English speaking country can sometimes not be the best choice. My first experience abroad was in 1967 when I was sent to the United Kingdom for three years courtesy of Uncle Sam. I said, “wow I don’t have to learn a foreign language,” how wrong I was. I lived in Norfolk, worked in Suffolk, and listened to London radio and I really struggled with the different dialects and everyday words for over three months. When I felt comfortable with English English I went to London for a visit and I was totally lost again I felt like I was in some foreign country with some foreign language. Of course this was before BBC America and movies with everyday English actors. So when going to England, Australia, or New Zealand be prepared; don’t be afraid to as someone to repeat what they said; and begin the practice of tuning your ear to just a different brand of English. I now have friends from Scotland (difficult to say the least), Yorkshire (almost a difficult as Scotland), and Norfolk and Suffolk with little to no problem understanding their regional brands of English.

    • lifeofstaci says:

      John, you make a great point. Sometimes English isn’t as easy to understand as you’d think and that can really throw a traveler for a loop! England definitely has many different dialects of English, and it’s a challenge to understand sometimes. Thank you for reading our blog and taking time to comment, John!

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