Where should we live next? Top 5 cities revealed.

5 cities

2 People

Endless possibilities.

The answer we have all been waiting for is finally here. We reveal the top 5 cities YOU get to vote on to decide where Staci and I will move to in 2013. It was a long, hard-fought battle with some cities surprisingly not making the final cut. In the end, we were excited for the entries we received and thrilled for our top 5.

Vote Now!

When Staci first presented me with the idea of holding a nationwide contest letting people decide where we should move next, I was kinda blown away by the idea. I was nervous what locations would be suggested or if we would end up in a place we absolutely hated. It’s still possible we end up in a city we hate, but we don’t think you’ll do that to us. Are you as excited for the top 5 as we are? Let’s do this!

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Charleston, SC
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Austin, TX
  • Nashville, TN

As Staci and I are well aware, when living the adventure lifestyle you sometimes uncover some duds before discovering gems. (Our Hopkins story, anyone?) Don’t let us move to a dud!!! We need your help to discover which cities in our top 5 are gems and which ones are the duds. Vote for where you think we should live next right now.

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7 thoughts on “Where should we live next? Top 5 cities revealed.

  1. jackie Edwards says:

    DC is such an awesome HUB! Minutes from hundreds of art, social and historical gems. Just a few hours from Philadelphia or New York without the expense and hecticness of living there. Easy access to hiking, camping and the great outdoors of the Appalachian Trail, you’ll never get bored.

    • Sheridan Philipp says:

      Great Choice! I’ve been to DC about 20 trillion times and have been to everyone one of the museums of the Smithsonian at least twice! Great place for a cultural explosion!!!

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