Let’s Chat! Holiday Wellness

Beyond the Diploma #20sChatNothing can be as daunting and stressful as the holidays. Between the potential deadly three F’s (family, friends, food) we want to be relaxed and not, we repeat NOT, gain 15 extra pounds by the start of the new year. But how do we stay true to ourselves and our traditions without pulling our hair out?

On December 3rd we will be connecting with other fabulous 20-Somethings to learn exactly how we can enjoy the holidays while remaining sane. Together, with you, we will learn each others holiday wellness secrets and how to have a stress free holiday season.

Best of all, we will be having special health and wellness coach, Liz Jones, as our expert guest to answer questions relating directly to 20-Somethings’ health and wellness.Not on Twitter? No problem. We will be simultaneously holding a Facebook chat featuring the same questions, expert help and fun. RSVP on Facebook  to learn more about our featured guest and connect with other chatters.

How to join the chat

If this is your first Twitter chat, here’s the easiest way to join the conversation. Go to TweetChat.com. Login through your Twitter then enter hashtag “20sChat”. Chat with us by answering the 5 questions and talking with other chatters. The #20sChat will only be 45 minutes so join us for this quick evening chat. You can even chat while you watch some football or drink a glass of wine.

Our chat will revolve around these 5 questions:

Q1. What is your biggest health challenge during the Holidays?

Q2. How do you manage stress during the busy holiday season whether staying close to home or traveling?

Q3. What does wellness look like to you during the holidays? I.e. yoga, healthy eating, taking mini-hikes, etc.

Q4. What’s your craziest holiday wellness story. Example, trying to cook a tofurkey that turned out more like cement than food.

Q5. If you could be any holiday food, what food would you be and why? Pictures encouraged! #FoodPorn

Date: Monday, December 3rd
Time: 5:30-6:15p.m. Pacific time (8:30-9:15p.m. Eastern Time)
Hashtag: #20sChat

Your hosts will be @LifeofStaci and @SwimKarim. Our special guest is Liz Jones @Fitabolize.

You can also chat with us via Facebook if you’re not the Twittering type. Head over to www.facebook.com/BeyondTheDiploma and “like” our fan page. During the chat, we’ll be posting the 5 questions on our page. We encourage you to to answer the question and chat with other participants in the comments section of each question. Since you’ll have more than 140 characters, you’ll be able to share more on Facebook than Twitter. We also invite you to participate in both the Twitter and Facebook chats…we will be!

About our Expert Guest

Meet Liz Jones

Liz Jones’ passion for fitness began with her love for gymnastics and track. She did not let an injury from Track & Field at the University of New Mexico slow her down. She quickly developed a new passion for personal training and teaching group exercise classes. After completing two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition Dietetics she moved to San Diego to mentor with top fitness and business experts. When not at the gym, she can be found cycling, hiking, and learning new sports. If your goal is a toned, lean, strong, and flexible body, you and your friends can expect a body awakening experience with Liz’s classes.

History of Fitabolize

Liz Jones created Fitabolize in 2009. Liz and group of trainers began putting on weight loss challenges each quarter in Albuquerque, NM.  These weight loss challenges began to grow and Liz began to teach groups of trainers in California how to duplicate her system.  Now, Fitabolize has expanded internationally and has helped women lose over 6,000 lbs. Fitabolize trainers focus on fitness and nutrition to achieve lifelong healthy living.

What does Fitabolize Offer?

Fitabolize specializes in losing weight through fitness and nutrition. Our personal trainers and nutritionists will coach you through your 5-day, 5-week, of 90-day weight loss transformation. Whether you want to lose 10 lbs for a cruise in 2 weeks, want to drop a couple dress sizes for your wedding, or want to finally shed that baby weight Fitabolize will give you a simple step-by-step program to accomplish your goals. Visit Fitabolize at fitabolize.com/

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