Don’t make student loans your excuse

I hate my student loans. No need to lie. They bug me every month. Especially when they take money out of my account right before I go grocery shopping. Hello Toasty-O’s, good bye Cheerios. The worse part is I don’t even get a thank you after forking over so much money.

I am glad to know I am not alone in my plight against student loans though. A fellow blogger shared a very interesting story  about how a teacher of his handled her student loan debt. According to the Grumpy Hiker, his teacher had basically financed most of her twenties through student loans and one day realized that she wouldn’t pay back all of her debt until she was in her 90s. Resigning to the fact that she would have student loan debt for life, she started paying only the minimum and decided to take off with her family to South America. Pretty badass, right?

Our story is fairly similar, and hearing of someone else who said screw it, let’s live instead of dwell on our debt encouraged us to make this video about why your student loan debt shouldn’t be an excuse for not living the life you’ve always wanted. Plus, we share how we’ve handled our debt since graduation and still ended up in Belize.

Click play and enjoy!

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