Get a yes (wo)man…part 2

Last week, we shared why you should get a yes (wo)man to support you through your journey of unconventional living. We wanted to follow up that post with a quick video that shares three types of people that make great yes (wo)men and where you can find them. Without further adieu, here’s the video we made just for you:

Swim and Staci at the beach in March

Swim and Staci Ann are the dynamic duo behind Beyond the Diploma. After struggling with figuring out what they wanted to do with their lives for several years after graduation, they decided to make age 25 a year of travel and adventure. After coming up with creative ways to make money and travel, they felt a burning desire to share their knowledge with recent grads and other 20-somethings who also felt like they wanted more out of life.

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2 thoughts on “Get a yes (wo)man…part 2

  1. grumpyhiker says:

    ‘networking with your alumni association’ WWC helped you out there?!

    One of these days I’ll investigate y’all’s site and figure out how you are living in Belize – and maybe come visit when I’m in Guate!

    • lifeofstaci says:

      Wilson’s alumni group didn’t do too much for us, but for some people who go to bigger schools the alumni group is a good networking tool.

      How’d you do most of your networking post-Wilson?

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