The Beginning…

Well folks, after months and months of planning and saving, our first 20sAdventure has finally begun. We woke up this morning bright and early (ok, Swim woke up early and let Staci sleep in a bit because he’s nice like that) to finish cleaning out our apartment and taking the last load of stuff to the storage unit. We had a goal of being at the airport by 11am to catch our 12:20 flight, and since we usually run behind this was a very ambitious goal.
All of our packing was finished last night, so we really just needed to round up the last of our stuff and scrub down the apartment. After our last trip to the truck, we took one last look at our now bare apartment and it finally became real.
This goal that we had talked about, dreamed about and fought hard to make come true was literally an hour from being met. It was an empowering feeling to realize that life doesn’t have to be lived “in the box”. At that moment, all of our talk became concrete action and by god we did what we said we were going to accomplish. It was a pretty incredible feeling.
Now, as we sit on the plane heading to Vegas, watching the couple in front of us make out porno style, with the mountains beneath us, not to get all sappy, but we can’t help but think 2 things: What CAN’T we do together if we really want it bad enough and How can we help others realize that life has no rules? We’re also thinking when the heck is this couple gonna stop playing tonsil hockey because it’s totally grossing us out, but that’s beside the point.
We want to know from you, our beloved readers, what could we share with you to help you start to live a little more outta the box than you normally do?

See you in Vegas!
Swim and Staci

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