How would YOU pack for a 2.5 month trip?

Can we fit all this into 1 regular sized suitcase?

Today we’re packing for our trip. This isn’t just any old packing adventure. No, we’re packing for a two and a half month adventure that will take us from Seattle to Las Vegas, then on to Kansas followed by Philly and finally we’ll be off to Belize for two months. Oh, and we’re trying to fit all of our stuff into one ladybug suitcase.

Fortunately, the weather is suppose to be nice in all of our stops, so we can mostly pack warm weather clothes that will be perfect for Belize. But, with that said, we are still trying to fit two months worth of clothes, shoes and personal items for two people into one suitcase so it’s still been a major challenge.

You’re probably wondering why we’re been so stingy with our luggage. Well, because our trips from Seattle to Vegas, Kansas City to Philly and Philly to Belize all offer one free checked bag per person, but our flight from Vegas to Wichita will charge us $25/per checked bag. And frankly, we don’t want to pay two checked bag fees when we think these fees are beyond absurd to begin with. To save ourselves $25, we’re squeezing everything into one bag…or at least that’s the plan 🙂

So, do you think we can do it? Comment below with your bet on whether or not we can make it fit into 1 suitcase. Find out tomorrow when everything’s packed and we’re out the door. We’ll post an update before our flight leaves.

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