Travel the World for Less Money

Travel can be expensive. When we tell people that we’re moving to Belize for two months, their first reaction is often “Where are you getting all this money?” Well, the truth is, we aren’t raking in the dough, we’ve just figured out how to travel for less using a few unconventional methods. We want to share 3 of our best travel tips with you that have helped us move to Belize…right on the beach…for two whole months.




Swim and Staci at the beach in March

Swim and Staci Ann are the dynamic duo behind Beyond the Diploma. After struggling with figuring out what they wanted to do with their lives for several years after graduation, they decided to make age 25 a year of travel and adventure. After coming up with creative ways to make money and travel, they felt a burning desire to share their knowledge with recent grads and other 20-somethings who also felt like they wanted more out of life.

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2 thoughts on “Travel the World for Less Money

  1. Ms. Edwards (@Yea_Me2) says:

    awesome tips! I never thought of looking at a trip with a longer time range like that. What advice would you give for 20 somethings already working part time or full time jobs? There’s no way to guarantee that job will still be there when you bet back but you want to be able to experience different parts of the world as well.

    • lifeofstaci says:

      Great question! We have 2 answers. We advocate for 20-somethings to delve into their priorities and figure out what is most important to them in their lives. If money and a steady job rank high on your list of priorities, this type of travel may not be for you, especially if you already have a job that you love. But if travel and adventure are higher priorities than money, then you simply have to get creative in how you earn the money to travel and live the lifestyle you want for yourself. Our motto, “You can always make more money, have the adventure now.”

      The second part of our answer is to find flexible employment options that allow you to earn money and travel longer term. For us, these jobs have included nannying, car sales, and marketing. We view our travel experiences as a way to build up our resumes so that when we are ready to settle into a more permanent position, even though we don’t necessarily have the relevant work experience we have life experiences that other employment seekers won’t have.

      There’s quite a bit more to our view of work vs. travel, but this is a good overview. If you’re interested in learning more about how we’ve been able to travel and earn money, we invite you to join our email list to get insider tips that we don’t share on the blog. You can join the mailing list at

      Ms. Edwards, if you have any other questions, we’d love to answer them for you!

      Staci Ann

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