Money Jitters

Okay, so we have exactly 2 weeks to go until we leave on our cross-country trip to visit Las Vegas, Kansas, Philly and Delaware, and then on to Belize. Right now we’re busy get all of our last minute arrangements set up, like securing a storage unit and selling our couches. We also just purchased our flight from Philly to Belize and Belize to Seattle, so as of yesterday we have all of our travel arrangements figured out sans shuttle from Belize airport to Placencia.

What’s going through our heads right now is, “We totally have all the money we need to pull this off, right?” From the time we decided that we were going to take of for Belize, we’ve done numerous financial calculations to make sure that we could make enough money over the summer to be able to leave in Oct. We’ve managed to stay on course and make/save enough money, but we’re still worried about money, naturally. So last night we did another round up of all the cash we have on hand plus all the money we’ll make between now and Oct. 17 (when we officially leave for Belize) and we’re still right on track for what we need to be able to stay in Belize for 2 months.

We also realized that our biggest financial hurdle was probably going to be securing an apartment when we get back to Seattle, but we’ll totally think about that on another day.

Dream big, Live big,

Staci and Swim

p.s. – We wrapped up filming of our training video on how to make the most of your 20’s. The picture above is a sneak peek of the video.  Keep up with all the Beyond the Diploma and #GenAwesome excitement on Twitter.

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