5 ways to leave the college past behind and more forward toward your goals

If your college sweater is THIS cool, you can keep it. Otherwise…ditch it.

5 ways to leave the college past behind and more forward toward your goals

1)   Hide your diploma-Don’t hang your diploma up on your wall, place it on your mantel or in your bedroom. We’re all proud of your accomplishments, but if you’re having trouble holding on to the past it’s best to get college out of your mind. Best advice: Send the diploma to your mom. She will love hanging it on the wall and sharing with other family and friends.

2)   Stop wearing that old university hoodie all the time-We have as much college pride as the next person but do yourself a favor and ditch the hoodie. It may not seem like that big a deal to have a cozy fall sweater but you want to clear yourself of the past and open yourself up to the future. Best Advice: Don’t throw it away but bring it out for the autumn months of September, October and November and then throw back in the back of the closet with your diploma.

3)   Make new friends-Growth is essential after college. Not all college grads grow at the same rate, especially once the college bubble is popped and the real world is exposed. Best Advice: Reduce the time you spend with your college friends and work hard at making new friends so you can stay focused on what you want out of life.

4)   Stop revisiting your college-Nothing could be worse to your potential future than constantly revisiting a clearly dated past like your actual college campus. You wouldn’t revisit your high school after graduating, so why do it with your college. Stop going to the football games, yearly alumni get togethers and award ceremonies. Best Advice: Donate at least $50 to your college every year and revisit only during reunions once every five or ten years.

5)   Move far away-A great way to ensure you complete steps three and four is to move far away from your college. The further the better. After my wife and I’s undergrad time ended at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC  we moved to Seattle, WA, three time zones and 2700 miles away. Any further west and we would have ended up in Alaska or Hawaii. We have not been back to our college once since graduation day more than two years ago. Best Advice: This one is obvious, move far away.

(Photo credit: http://trendythriftynow.com/2011/09/06/college-football-its-back/vintage-college-logo-sweaters-2/)

2 thoughts on “5 ways to leave the college past behind and more forward toward your goals

  1. Katie says:

    This article is only helpful if you REALLY hated your college. Try going to an SEC school, and you will want to live on campus forever and attend every football game.

  2. J Deezy (@OldAg2011) says:

    You sure are a loser, aren’t you? This is the worst “article” I’ve ever come across. This may apply to the retarded sons-of-hippies that went to your dirty liberal arts school, but don’t try to peddle this as good advice to REAL college graduates. Pride in ones college is important – it played an important part in the development of ones live and entry into true adulthood and self-reliance.

    1) If you have a worthwhile diploma from a good school – HANG THAT SHI.T. Show the world that you have worked hard and earned your position. Hang it in your office at your home. Hang it in your office at work. Don’t put it up in your cubicle if you’re in one.

    2) Wear your colors. Show your pride. There is no immaturity in it. On gameday – rep your team. You wear red white and blue on the 4th, why not show your collegiate pride on their holidays?

    3) Yeah. Abandon your friends, you’ll totally be better for it. ARE YOU HIGH? Wait – you moved to Seattle – so YES you are high. At least you must be to suggest leaving close friends simply because they went to a institution of higher learning. I’m sure that barista at Starbucks will have WAY more to contribute in discussions of politics or business.

    4) Have you ever been to a real college? Ever seen a large campus, felt the spirit of a student body that loves their school? Don’t act like you know what you’re talking about, your school doesn’t even have a football team.

    5) Move far away explicitly to get away from your alma mater? Seriously, how bad was Warren Wil…… OH MY GOD I JUST WENT TO THE WEBSITE. GOATEES AND HIPPIES EVERYWHERE!!!! RUN! RUN CHICK RUN!

    In all seriousness, this article is immature and filled with spiteful, bad advice. So, Best Advice: Quit blogging. Obviously

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